我希望这能够是一个足够长期的记录, 坚持到退休,能够把 21 世纪给串起来。

The world in brief 【2022-11-19】

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韩国和日本官员表示,朝鲜向日本西海岸的专属经济区试射了一枚洲际弹道导弹。据日本国防部长称,该导弹的射程为 15000 公里,这意味着它可能会到达美国。虽然朝鲜在过去两个月发射了前所未有的导弹,但大多数都是短程导弹。观察人士担心,另一次核试验可能即将到来。在曼谷 APEC 峰会期间,美国副总统卡马拉·哈里斯(Kamala Harris)召集了澳大利亚、加拿大、日本、新西兰和韩国代表的紧急会议。 South Korean and Japanese officials said that North Korea test-fired an intercontinental ballistic missile into the exclusive economic zone off Japan’s western coast. The missile had a range of 15,000km, meaning it could potentially reach America, according to Japan’s defence minister. While North Korea has fired an unprecedented volley of missiles over the past two months, most have been short-range. Observers worry another nuclear test may be imminent. At the sidelines of an APEC summit in Bangkok, America’s vice-president Kamala Harris called an emergency meeting for representatives from Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand and South Korea.


加州一名法官以欺诈罪判处名誉扫地的血液检测初创公司 Theranos 的创始人伊丽莎白·霍姆斯 11 年以上监禁。今年 1 月,霍尔姆斯被判故意误导投资者,她声称自己的技术可以从几滴血中诊断出数百种疾病,包括癌症和糖尿病。Theranos 曾经价值超过 90 亿美元,事实上正在使用其他公司的现有机器测试样本。 A judge in California sentenced Elizabeth Holmes, founder of the disgraced blood-testing startup Theranos, to more than 11 years in prison for fraud. Ms Holmes was convicted in January of deliberately misleading investors by claiming her technology could diagnose hundreds of diseases, including cancer and diabetes, from a few drops of blood. Theranos, once valued at more than $9bn, was in fact testing samples using existing machines from other companies.


埃隆·马斯克(Elon Musk)突然关闭了推特总部,直到周一,因为他独特的管理风格似乎引发了一场 Twexodus。新老板向这家社交媒体公司的员工发出了“强硬”的最后通牒,让他们在“长时间、高强度”和遣散费之间做出选择。据报道,至少有 1200 人选择了后者。 Elon Musk abruptly closed Twitter’s headquarters until Monday, as his unique management style appears to have caused a Twexodus. Staff at the social-media company were given a “hardcore” ultimatum by the new owner, leaving them the choice between “long hours and high intensity” and a severance package. At least 1,200 are reported to have plumped for the latter.

**TWEXODUS: Popular Conservatives Move to Parler Due to Twitter’s Mass Censorship Campaign,**

TWEXODUS: Popular Conservatives Move to Parler Due to Twitter's Mass Censorship Campaign - Global News Cap[1]

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美国司法部长梅里克·加兰德任命杰克·史密斯为特别顾问,领导司法部对唐纳德·特朗普的调查。这位前战争罪检察官将监督特朗普在马阿拉歌庄园处理机密材料的工作,以及他推翻 2020 年大选结果的努力。在特朗普宣布将于 2024 年再次竞选总统几天后,这一任命就出炉了。 America’s attorney-general, Merrick Garland, appointed Jack Smith as special counsel to lead the Justice Department’s investigations into Donald Trump. The former war-crimes prosecutor will oversee Mr Trump’s handling of classified materials at his Mar-a-Lago estate, as well as his efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election. The appointment comes days after Mr Trump declared he would run for president again in 2024.


瑞典检察官的一项调查得出结论,9 月份北溪天然气管道的破裂是“严重破坏”的结果。这条有争议的管道是为了通过波罗的海将天然气从俄罗斯输送到德国,但乌克兰的紧张局势意味着北溪 2 号从未投入运营。检察官发现了爆炸物的痕迹,但拒绝对可能的嫌疑人发表评论。

The ruptures at the Nord Stream gas pipelines in September were the result of “grievous sabotage”, an investigation by Swedish prosecutors concluded. The controversial pipelines were created to transport natural gas from Russia to Germany through the Baltic Sea, but tensions over Ukraine meant Nord Stream 2 was never operational. Prosecutors found traces of explosives, but declined to comment on probable suspects.


在卡塔尔世界杯开赛前两天,体育场内禁止酒类销售。足球管理机构国际足联在与“东道国当局”讨论后,于周五宣布了这一决定。世界最大的啤酒制造商安海斯-布施-英博(Anheuser Busch InBev)以 7500 万美元赞助了这项赛事,现在只在体育场出售不含酒精的饮料 Bud Zero。 The sale of alcohol has been banned in stadiums, only two days before the World Cup commences in Qatar. FIFA, football’s governing body, announced the decision on Friday after discussions with “host country authorities”. Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world’s biggest brewer which has sponsored the tournament for $75m, will now only sell Bud Zero, an alcohol-free beverage at stadiums.


拜登政府表示,沙特阿拉伯事实上的统治者穆罕默德·本·萨勒曼(Muhammad bin Salman)对沙特记者贾迈勒·卡舒吉(Jamal Khashoggi)被谋杀一事享有诉讼豁免权。美国情报官员认为,穆罕默德王子是 2018 年土耳其谋杀案的幕后黑手,但他的新首相职位(他于 9 月被任命)意味着他不能被起诉。 The Biden administration said that Muhammad bin Salman, Saudi Arabia’s de facto ruler, has immunity from a lawsuit over the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, a Saudi journalist. American intelligence officials believe Prince Muhammad was behind the killing in Turkey in 2018, but his new role as prime minister (he was appointed in September) means he cannot be prosecuted.


周六,四分之三的马来西亚人认为自己的国家走上了错误的轨道,他们有机会分担责任。这比看起来更难:自 2018 年最近一次投票以来,马来西亚已经有三位来自三个不同党派的总理。被争吵和背后中伤所困扰,没有人治理得很好。 On Saturday the three-quarters of Malaysians who think their country is on the wrong track have a chance to apportion the blame. That is tougher than it seems: since the most recent vote, in 2018, Malaysia has had three prime ministers from three different parties. Distracted by bickering and backstabbing, no one has governed well.

执政的国民阵线(Barisan Nasional)联盟承诺保持稳定,希望选民能够搁置其腐败的残暴记录。占优势的 Perikatan Nasional 联盟的领导党希望政府像该国的马来多数党一样虔诚地信奉伊斯兰教,这令印度和中国选民感到失望。巴卡坦-哈拉潘联盟希望通过谈论良好的治理来在城市中赢得选票,这在 2018 年获胜后未能实现。唉,民调显示,很可能会出现一个无党派的议会。下一届政府可能不仅在投票站,而且在烟雾弥漫的房间里选出。 The ruling Barisan Nasional coalition has promised stability, hoping that voters will look past its atrocious record of corruption. The lead party in the ascendant Perikatan Nasional coalition wants the government to be as devoutly Islamic as the country’s Malay majority, to the dismay of Indian and Chinese voters. And the Pakatan Harapan coalition hopes to rack up votes in cities by talking about good governance, something it failed to deliver after triumphing in 2018. Alas, polls suggest a hung parliament is likely. The next government may be chosen not just in polling booths but in smoke-filled rooms.


在亚洲呆了一周后,埃马纽埃尔·马克龙于 11 月 19 日前往突尼斯的杰尔巴岛。在那里,法国总统将出席法语国家首脑会议,这是法语国家领导人每两年举行一次的聚会。这通常是一次尴尬的聚会:在法语受到英语、普通话和其他语言传播的挑战之际,试图重申他们共同语言的活力。许多法语使用者对后殖民时期法国对法语的严格保护提出质疑。今天,在 3.21 亿讲法语的人中,62%生活在非洲。 After a week in Asia, Emmanuel Macron on November 19th heads to Djerba, an island in Tunisia. There the French president will attend the Francophone summit, a bi-annual get-together of leaders of French-speaking countries. It is often an awkward gathering: an attempt to reaffirm the vitality of their common language at a time when French is challenged by the spread of English, Mandarin Chinese and other tongues. Many Francophones contest the rigid guardianship of the language by post-colonial France. Today, of the 321m people who speak French, 62% live in Africa.

马克龙先生长期以来一直主张,法语国家应该以一种不那么正式、更具活力的方式进行互动,曾一度将法语国家称为“一个疲惫的俱乐部”。但是,非正式地说,文化并不是唯一的话题。法国总统很可能还想讨论乌克兰战争和非洲萨赫勒地区的不安全问题——法国在 2021 8 月政变后从马里撤军,并结束了那里的反恐行动。 Mr Macron has long argued for a less formal, more vibrant way for Francophone countries to interact, once calling La Francophonie “a tired club”. But, informally, culture will not be the only talking point. The French president may well also want to discuss the war in Ukraine and insecurity in the African Sahel–France withdrew its troops from Mali after a coup in August 2021 and closed a counter-terrorist operation there.


本周,伊斯坦布尔国际犯罪与惩罚电影节放映了一部关于萨拉热窝被围困的令人不安的新指控的纪录片。斯洛文尼亚人米兰·祖帕奇(Miran Zupanic)的电影《Sarajevo Safari》声称,在 1992-95 年波斯尼亚战争期间,某些外国人付钱给塞尔维亚军队,让他们向该市的平民开火。一名为美国机构工作的身份不明的男子说,他亲眼目睹了这一幕。一位波斯尼亚陆军老兵讲述了一名被俘的战斗人员,他讲述了外国人如何穿着打猎的服装,谈论为射击机会买单。 A documentary with disturbing new allegations about the siege of Sarajevo screened at Istanbul’s International Crime and Punishment Film Festival this week. “Sarajevo Safari”, a film by Miran Zupanic, a Slovenian, alleges that during the Bosnian war of 1992-95 certain foreigners paid Serbian forces to allow them to fire upon civilians in the city. An unidentified man working for an American agency says he witnessed this. And a Bosnian army veteran tells of a captured combatant who recounted how foreigners, dressed for hunting, spoke of paying for the opportunity to shoot.

外界被邀请向萨拉热窝开火的说法并不新鲜。(俄罗斯已故作家爱德华·利莫诺夫(Eduard Limonov)显然是这样做的。)但金钱易手的指控引发了新的愤怒。9 月,《Sarajevo Safari》在萨拉热窝放映后,波斯尼亚检察官办公室对枪击案展开了新的调查。这部纪录片将于 1 月在巴尔干电视台播出。 The allegation that outsiders were invited to fire into Sarajevo is not new. (Footage exists of a Russian writer, the late Eduard Limonov, apparently doing so.) But the charge that money changed hands has fuelled fresh outrage. After “Sarajevo Safari” was shown in Sarajevo itself in September, the Bosnian prosecutor’s office opened a new investigation into the shootings. The documentary is due to appear on Balkan television in January.


年轻时,马格达莱娜·阿巴卡诺维奇(Magdalena Abakanowicz)近距离目睹了第二次世界大战的恐怖。喝醉的德国士兵入侵了她的家,枪杀了她的母亲。阿巴卡诺维奇女士发现,创作艺术是一种自由的方式。周四,这位波兰纺织艺术家的非凡作品在伦敦泰特现代博物馆展出。 As a youngster Magdalena Abakanowicz saw the horror of the second world war at close range. Drunk German soldiers invaded her home and shot her mother. Ms Abakanowicz discovered that making art was a way to feel free. The Polish textile artist’s extraordinary work went on display at the Tate Modern museum in London on Thursday.

她的雕塑由马毛、剑麻和编织麻等纤维制成,是对想象力克服压迫的力量的思考。战争结束后,她在华沙的美术学院学习时,改了自己的名字,假装是一名职员的女儿,如果有任何迹象表明她拥有土地,就会被指责为阶级敌人,危及她的地位。当时,社会主义现实主义被认为是唯一可接受的艺术形式。“在波兰,谈论神秘几乎是被禁止的,”她告诉《纽约时报》。“我做到了。” Her sculptures, made from fibres like horsehair, sisal and braided hemp, are meditations on the power of imagination to overcome oppression. After the war, while seeking to study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, she changed her name and posed as the daughter of a clerk—any sign of her landowning heritage would have led to her being denounced as a class enemy and jeopardised her place. At the time Socialist Realism was considered the only acceptable art form. In 1960 one of Ms Abakanowicz’s shows was censored after being categorised as Formalist and therefore dangerous. “In Poland it was almost forbidden to talk about mystery,” she told the New York Times. “I did.”


直到最近,FTX 还是一家主要的加密交易所,它的崩溃让很多人脸上都是鸡蛋。但至少目前,一家加密巨头已经变得更加强大。Binance 巩固了其作为全球最大加密货币交易所的地位。45 岁的联合创始人兼老板赵长鹏取得了胜利。加密货币崩溃可能对赵先生的财富造成了损失,但他的身价仍高达 170 亿美元。 The implosion of FTX, until recently a major crypto exchange, has left plenty of people with egg on their faces. But one crypto giant has emerged stronger—at least for now. Binance has cemented its status as the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. And Changpeng Zhao, its 45-year-old co-founder and boss, has triumphed. The crypto crash may have taken its toll on Mr Zhao’s fortune, but he is still worth a cool $17bn.

赵先生 1977 年出生于中国。12 岁时,他的家人在国内面临压力,逃到了加拿大。但在蒙特利尔麦吉尔大学学习计算机科学后,赵先生回到了中国。2015 年,他确信比特币“将为互联网对信息的影响提供资金”,在上海创办了为加密交易所提供软件的毕节科技。 Mr Zhao was born in China in 1977. When he was 12 his family, facing repression at home, fled to Canada. But after studying computer science at McGill University in Montreal, Mr Zhao returned to China. In 2015, convinced that bitcoin “would do to finance what the internet would do to information,” he launched Bijie Tech, which offered software to crypto exchanges, in Shanghai.

中国很快关闭了所有的加密交易所,但赵先生没有被吓倒,通过迁移到亚洲各地的各个中心,避开了中国的限制。2017 年 7 月,他推出了自己的加密货币交易所 Binance。如今,平台上每天都有价值数十亿美元的资产易手;Binance 通常会收取 0.1%的费用。 China soon shut down all crypto exchanges, but Mr Zhao was undeterred, skirting Chinese restrictions by relocating to various hubs around Asia. In July 2017 he launched his own cryptocurrency exchange, Binance. Today dozens of billions of dollars worth of assets change hands each day on the platform; Binance usually takes a 0.1% fee for its trouble.

由于赵先生的无情决策,该公司得以蓬勃发展。在 2017 年 ICO(首次代币发行)热潮最盛的时候,Binance 匆忙推出了一系列新推出的加密货币,而其他交易所却迟迟没有上市。本月早些时候,在 FTX 出现麻烦传闻后,赵先生表示,Binance 将出售价值 6 亿美元的 FTX 代币,这一举动加剧了他的竞争对手的现金短缺。 The company has thrived thanks to Mr Zhao’s ruthless decision-making. At the height of the boom in ICOs (initial coin offerings) in 2017, Binance rushed to list the flurry of newly launched cryptocurrencies, as other exchanges dawdled. Earlier this month, after rumours of trouble emerged at FTX, Mr Zhao said that Binance would sell $600m-worth of an FTX token—a move that precipitated his rival’s cash crunch.

整个行业的彻底崩溃可能会抹杀赵先生的财富,其中大部分是数字资产。Binance 还面临其他问题。批评人士表示,赵先生喜欢“可控的混乱”,他对小圈子的依赖,以及他对增长的贪婪欲望,导致了他偷工减料。该交易所的历史上充斥着破坏性的黑客攻击和洗钱指控。本周,赵先生承诺提高透明度,并表示 Binance 将证明其拥有足够的流动资产来应对任何危机。然而,随着加密货币崩溃的加深和监管机构的警觉,数字特氟龙人可能不会永远耐腐蚀。 A complete crash across the sector would probably obliterate Mr Zhao’s wealth, most of which is held in digital assets. And Binance faces other problems. Critics say Mr Zhao’s taste for “controlled chaos”, his reliance on a small inner circle and his ravenous appetite for growth have led to corner-cutting. The exchange’s history is peppered with damaging hacks and allegations of money-laundering. This week Mr Zhao promised more transparency and said Binance would prove that it has enough liquid assets to face any crisis. Yet as the crypto crash deepens and regulators come sniffing, the digital Teflon Man may not prove resistant to corrosion forever.



TWEXODUS: Popular Conservatives Move to Parler Due to Twitter's Mass Censorship Campaign - Global News Cap: https://globalnewscap.com/twexodus-popular-conservatives-move-to-parler-due-to-twitters-mass-censorship-campaign/