==1.Describe a person who you follow on social media 描述一个你在社交媒体上关注的人==

==2.Describe a person who contributes to the society 描述一个对社会有贡献的人==

==3.Describe a creative person whose work you admire. 描述一个有创造力的人并且你钦佩他的所作所为==

==4.Describe a businessperson who you admire. 描述一个你钦佩的商人==

==5.Describe a famous person that you are interested in. 描述一个你感兴趣的名人==

==6.Describe an interesting person from another country who you know or heard about. 描述一个有趣的人,来自于另一个国家你所知道的或者听过的.==


\1) who the person is

\2) how you knew this person

\3) what kinds of things s/he posts on social media

\4) what contributions s/he has made to the society

\5) what creative things he/she ever done

\6) why you admire this person & why you’re interested in this person

  • For this topic, what I’m going to introduce to you is a very ==successful entrepreneur== whose name is Elon Musk.
  • 在这个话题,我将要介绍给你一个非常成功的企业大亨,名字叫 Elon Musk
  • This name usually appears in the ==headlines== of different social media websites. I've been following his ID on Facebook for several years.
  • 这个名字通常会出现在不同社交媒体网站的标题上, 我已经关注他很多年了.
  • I can always see the latest updates posted by him. He usually posts the new technologies and ==spoils== some new products designed by his company. Sometimes, he also posts some pictures or videos about the ==charities== that he and his team had done somewhere in the world.
  • 我可以在看到他的最新的更新; 他经常发布一些新技术,和透露一些他们公司设计的新产品; 有时他还发布一些图片或者视频关于他和他的团队贡献过的慈善机构,
  • One contribution that Elon Musk has made to society is that he calls for his followers to ==devote funds== and energy to ==world charities==.
  • 马斯克做的一个对社会的贡献是,号召他的关注者去贡献资金和活力到世界慈善机构
  • Another contribution that Ellon Musk and his work team had ever made to modern society is that they developed a series of electric-powered vehicles. These cars use electricity, which is called clean energy. such a practice is beneficial to environmental protection.
  • 马斯克做的另一个贡献是,他研制了一系列的电能源汽车; 这个操作对环境保护有益
  • The first reason why I admire this ==tycoon== is that he has a creative personality (mind) which is also something that I need to have for my future career development. In addition, he is a true man with a great social responsibility. I’d like to look him up as my role model. (band 7+)
  • 马斯克让我如此钦佩的第一个原因是, 他有创造力,这也是我未来生活所欠缺的;除此之外,他还是一个拥有社会责任感的真男人,
  • 我将一直仰望他作为我的行为榜样;