parent equipment class name equipment class name
other mechanical equipment beam clamp
vehicle bicycle
other mechanical equipment blow out preventer
health, safety and environment equipment class break glass unit
health, safety and environment equipment class breathing apparatus
infrastructure bridge
enclosure cabinet
enclosure caisson
level transmitter capacitance level transmitter
vehicle car
IT and telecom equipment cctv camera
lifting device chain hoist
infrastructure chimney
electrical equipment class chlorinator
other mechanical equipment clamp
other mechanical equipment cleaning machine
health, safety and environment equipment class climbing net
analysing instrument cold filter plugging point analyser
analysing instrument colour analyser
transmitter concentration transmitter
electrical equipment class control module
flow element coriolis mass flow element
lifting device crane hook block
other mechanical equipment degasser
electrical equipment class dehumidifier
health, safety and environment equipment class deionizer
transmitter dew point transmitter
other mechanical equipment diaphragm seal
flow transmitter differential pressure flow transmitter
valve (non DCS connected) directional pneumatic valve
general instrument displacer chamber
level transmitter displacer level transmitter
analysing instrument distillation analyser
IT and telecom equipment document scanner
tool drilling machine
pump eductor
flow element electromagnetic flow element
level instrument electronic level controller
other mechanical equipment exhaust
other mechanical equipment expansion joint
health, safety and environment equipment class eye bath
health, safety and environment equipment class fall arrestor block
IT and telecom equipment fax machine
infrastructure fence
health, safety and environment equipment class fire blanket
damper fire damper
other mechanical equipment fire door
vehicle fire fighting vehicle
health, safety and environment equipment class fire hydrant
fired heat transfer equipment class fired heater
health, safety and environment equipment class firewater monitor
health, safety and environment equipment class first aid kit
piping and pipeline equipment flame arrestor
control switch flame switch
fired heat transfer equipment class flare
vessel flash drum
tool flash light
flow instrument flow conditioner
instrument equipment flow instrument
orifice plate flow orifice plate
tank and vessel foam trap
detector fog detector
general instrument force transmitter
infrastructure foundation
analysing instrument freezing point analyser
piping and pipeline equipment funnel
infrastructure furniture
other mechanical equipment fusible plug
electrical isolator galvanic isolator
analysing instrument gas composition analyser
separator gas cyclone separator
instrument equipment general instrument
other mechanical equipment grease injection unit
heat exchanger grille
tool grinding machine
piping and pipeline equipment guide post
IT and telecom equipment hard disk
detector heat and smoke detector
electrical equipment class heater plate
general instrument horn
other mechanical equipment hose
other mechanical equipment hose reel
electrical equipment class humidifier
analysing instrument humidity analyser
other mechanical equipment hydraulic connector
other mechanical equipment hydraulic power supply
level instrument hydrostatic pressure level transmitter
electrical equipment class hypochlorite generator
electrical equipment class ice machine
piping and pipeline equipment ignitor
infrastructure industrial building
equipment class infrastructure
equipment class instrument equipment
IT and telecom equipment intercom
equipment class IT and telecom equipment
mixer agitator
other mechanical equipment air balancing unit
other mechanical equipment air handling unit
detecting element analyser element
instrument equipment analysing instrument
electrical equipment class annunciator
IT and telecom equipment attenuator
transmitter axial displacement transmitter
damper balancing damper
infrastructure jetty
tool lathe
instrument equipment level instrument
health, safety and environment equipment class life buoy
health, safety and environment equipment class life buoy light
marine life raft
lifting device lifting beam
lifting device lifting cap
piping and pipeline equipment line blind
analysing instrument liquid composition analyser
detector liquid detector
electrical equipment class load bank
detecting element load cell
other mechanical equipment logic cap
mechanical equipment class louvre
level transmitter magnetic level transmitter
health, safety and environment equipment class manual call point
control switch manual control switch
mechanical equipment class marine
other mechanical equipment mast
other mechanical equipment mechanical connector
tool meter prover
IT and telecom equipment microphone
equipment class miscellaneous equipment
IT and telecom equipment modem
other mechanical equipment mounting bracket
analysing instrument multi property analyser
IT and telecom equipment multiplexer
IT and telecom equipment net oil computer
electrical equipment class nitrogen generator
valve instrument NRA ball valve
valve instrument NRA butterfly valve
valve instrument NRA choke valve
valve instrument NRA eccentric rotating disc valve
valve instrument NRA gate valve
valve instrument NRA multi way plug valve
valve (non DCS connected) NRA multiple orifice valve
valve instrument NRA piston check valve
valve instrument NRA plug valve
valve (non DCS connected) NRA swing check valve
valve (non DCS connected) NRA wafer check valve
valve (non DCS connected) NRM ball valve
valve (non DCS connected) NRM butterfly valve
valve (non DCS connected) NRM choke valve
valve (non DCS connected) NRM eccentric rotating disc valve
valve (non DCS connected) NRM gate valve
valve (non DCS connected) NRM multi way plug valve
valve (non DCS connected) NRM multiple orifice valve
valve (non DCS connected) NRM piston check valve
valve (non DCS connected) NRM plug valve
valve (non DCS connected) NRM swing check valve
valve (non DCS connected) NRM wafer check valve
infrastructure office building
IT and telecom equipment optical beacon
IT and telecom equipment overhead projector
lifting device overhead runway beam
IT and telecom equipment PABX
other mechanical equipment package
other mechanical equipment padeye
IT and telecom equipment pager
IT and telecom equipment paging system
lifting device personal basket
corrosion element pH element
electrical equipment class photoelectric device
piping and pipeline equipment pig launcher
piping and pipeline equipment pig loop
piping and pipeline equipment pig receiver
piping and pipeline equipment pig transmitter
piping and pipeline equipment pig trap
tool pipe bending machine
mechanical equipment class piping and pipeline equipment
piping and pipeline equipment piping spool
IT and telecom equipment positioning system
flow element positive displacement flow element
electrical equipment class power stabiliser
instrument equipment pressure instrument
pressure instrument pressure memory gauge
IT and telecom equipment process data acquisition and control
general instrument proximity amplifier
IT and telecom equipment public address and alarm system
valve instrument RA ball valve
valve instrument RA butterfly valve
valve (non DCS connected) RA diaphragm valve
valve instrument RA eccentric rotating disc valve
valve instrument RA globe valve
valve instrument RA needle valve
valve instrument RA plug valve
other mechanical equipment rack
level element radar level element
heat exchanger radiator
vehicle radio caravan
IT and telecom equipment radio transceiver
IT and telecom equipment reader
analysing instrument redox analyser
electrical equipment class refrigerator
pressure transmitter relative pressure transmitter
electrical equipment class remote terminal unit
infrastructure residential building
valve (non DCS connected) RM ball valve
valve (non DCS connected) RM butterfly valve
valve (non DCS connected) RM diaphragm valve
valve (non DCS connected) RM eccentric rotating disc valve
valve (non DCS connected) RM globe valve
valve (non DCS connected) RM needle valve
valve (non DCS connected) RM plug valve
infrastructure road
reciprocating pump rod pump
flow instrument rotameter
IT and telecom equipment router
electrical equipment class safety barrier
instrument equipment safety valve instrument
analysing instrument sample loop component
IT and telecom equipment satellite communications terminal
conveyor screw conveyor
control switch selector switch
other mechanical equipment shale shaker
mechanical equipment class other mechanical equipment
other mechanical equipment sheave
damper shut off damper
miscellaneous equipment side pocket mandrel
IT and telecom equipment signal splitter
marine single buoy mooring
health, safety and environment equipment class sink
other mechanical equipment skimmer
lifting device snatch block
analysing instrument solid composition analyser
detector sand detector
damper sound attenuator
analysing instrument sound pressure level analyser
piping and pipeline equipment spark arrestor
tool special tool
analysing instrument specific gravity analyser
other mechanical equipment spreader bar
piping and pipeline equipment spring support
other mechanical equipment stack
general instrument strain gauge
other mechanical equipment stroke length adjuster
mechanical equipment class sump
other mechanical equipment swivel joint
mechanical equipment class tank and vessel
IT and telecom equipment tape drive
instrument equipment temperature instrument
flow element thermal flow element
flow transmitter thermal flow transmitter
equipment class tool
flow instrument totalizer
vehicle trailer
flow transmitter turbine flow transmitter
flow transmitter ultrasonic flow transmitter
level element ultrasonic level element
miscellaneous equipment umbilical
electrical equipment class UV sterilizer
instrument equipment valve (non DCS connected)
instrument equipment valve instrument
analysing instrument vapour pressure analyser
level instrument vibrating level switch
control switch vibration switch
IT and telecom equipment video converter
IT and telecom equipment video monitor
transmitter voltage transmitter
flow transmitter vortex flow transmitter
other mechanical equipment waste compactor
heat exchanger water cooler
other mechanical equipment water desalination system
other mechanical equipment water maker
instrument equipment weight instrument
miscellaneous equipment well
miscellaneous equipment wellhead
lifting device winch
detector anemometer
lifting device wire hoist
other mechanical equipment wire line unit
lifting device wire sling
IT and telecom equipment wireless access point
mechanical equipment class damper
instrument equipment indicating instrument
valve instrument directional solenoid valve
control valve down hole safety valve
pressure relief device relief valve
valve instrument valve extension stem
infrastructure basin
lifting device basket
other mechanical equipment cap
enclosure chamber
other mechanical equipment door
tank and vessel drain
equipment class enclosure
piping and pipeline equipment flange
other mechanical equipment frame
other mechanical equipment gasket
other mechanical equipment housing
piping and pipeline equipment manifold
piping and pipeline equipment seal
equipment class electrical equipment class
equipment class
mechanical equipment class fired heat transfer equipment class
equipment class health, safety and environment equipment class
equipment class mechanical equipment class
vessel accumulator
electrical equipment class amplifier
other mechanical equipment anode
electrical equipment class battery back-up power supply unit
electrical equipment class battery charger
electrical equipment class busbar
other mechanical equipment cable reel
electrical equipment class capacitor bank
electrical equipment class circuit-breaker
IT and telecom equipment clock
transmitter conductivity transmitter
electrical equipment class contactor
electrical equipment class control panel
transmitter current transmitter
switchgear and controlgear distribution board
electrical equipment class earth busbar
electrical equipment class earth electrode
detector earth leakage detector
electrical equipment class earth plate
electrical equipment class earthing boss
actuator electric actuator
electrical equipment class electric battery
electrical equipment class electric generator
electrical equipment class electric heater
motor electric motor
electrical equipment class electric plug
electrical equipment class electrical heating element
electrical equipment class electrical motor starter
electrical equipment class electrical socket
electrical equipment class electronic frequency converter
electrical equipment class electronic power inverter
electrical equipment class floodlight
electrical equipment class fuse
electrical equipment class heating cable
electrical equipment class high-pass filter
health, safety and environment equipment class interlocking device
other mechanical equipment isolator
enclosure junction box
general instrument lamp
electrical equipment class lantern lamp
electrical equipment class low-pass filter
electrical equipment class luminaire
electrical equipment class magnet
general instrument mechanical switching device
electrical equipment class power cable
electrical equipment class power supply unit
electrical equipment class transformer
electrical equipment class rectifier
electrical equipment class relay
electrical equipment class signal cable
electrical equipment class signal lamp
electrical equipment class solar power station
electrical equipment class solenoid
switchgear and controlgear switchboard
electrical equipment class switchgear and controlgear
IT and telecom equipment telephone
detector temperature detector
electrical equipment class thermostatic switch
electrical equipment class thyristor
electrical equipment class trip amplifier
electrical equipment class ups unit
electrical equipment class variable speed drive unit
transmitter vibration transmitter
transmitter weight transmitter
tool welding set
electrical equipment class air conditioner
heat exchanger air cooled heat exchanger
heat exchanger boiler
heat exchanger condenser
heat exchanger cooler
heat exchanger cooling tower
other mechanical equipment drier
fired heat transfer equipment class flare tip
mechanical equipment class heat exchanger
fired heat transfer equipment class incinerator
heat exchanger reboiler
pressure transmitter absolute pressure transmitter
IT and telecom equipment antenna
detecting element axial displacement element
other mechanical equipment bell
detecting element capacitance probe
analysing instrument cloud point analyser
IT and telecom equipment computer
detecting element conductivity cell
level transmitter conductivity level transmitter
electrical equipment class control box
flow meter coriolis mass flow meter
detector corrosion meter
detecting element corrosion element
detector counter
signal converter current to current converter
signal converter current to pressure converter
signal converter current to voltage converter
analysing instrument density analyser
analysing instrument dew point analyser
gauge differential pressure gauge
level transmitter differential pressure level transmitter
control switch differential pressure switch
transmitter differential pressure transmitter
other mechanical equipment coupling
flow transmitter electromagnetic flow transmitter
controller electronic controller
flow instrument electronic flow controller
pressure instrument electronic pressure controller
temperature instrument electronic temperature controller
detector flame detector
analysing instrument flash point analyser
gauge flow gauge
self operating valve flow regulator
control switch flow switch
signal converter frequency to current converter
detector gas detector
actuator hydraulic actuator
controller hydraulic controller
IT and telecom equipment keyboard
IT and telecom equipment loudspeaker
level gauge magnetic level gauge
general instrument mechanical positioner
flow instrument meter run
analysing instrument ph analyser
detector pig detector
general instrument pitot tube
actuator pneumatic actuator
controller pneumatic controller
flow instrument pneumatic flow controller
level instrument pneumatic level controller
pressure instrument pneumatic pressure controller
temperature instrument pneumatic temperature controller
transmitter position transmitter
flow transmitter positive displacement flow transmitter
analysing instrument pour point analyser
gauge pressure gauge
self operating valve pressure regulator
control switch pressure switch
signal converter pressure to current converter
IT and telecom equipment printing machine
detecting element proximity element
control switch proximity switch
control switch push button
level transmitter radar level transmitter
level transmitter radioactive level transmitter
general instrument recording instrument
temperature element resistance temperature element
orifice plate restriction orifice plate
flow meter rotameter flow meter
pressure relief device rupture disc
analysing instrument sampler
level gauge servo tank gauge
detector smoke detector
IT and telecom equipment speed meter
transmitter speed transmitter
gauge temperature gauge
self operating valve temperature regulator
control switch temperature switch
transmitter temperature transmitter
analysing instrument thermal conductivity analyser
temperature element thermocouple
piping and pipeline equipment thermowell
control switch timer
IT and telecom equipment transponder
flow meter turbine flow meter
flow meter ultrasonic flow meter
level transmitter ultrasonic level transmitter
flow meter v-cone flow meter
detecting element venturi tube
detecting element vibration element
IT and telecom equipment video recorder
analysing instrument viscosity analyser
signal converter voltage to current converter
flow meter vortex flow meter
detecting element wind sensor
analysing instrument wobbe index meter
piping and pipeline equipment christmas tree
piping and pipeline equipment nozzle
piping and pipeline equipment pipe
piping and pipeline equipment pipe bend
piping and pipeline equipment pipe flange spade
piping and pipeline equipment pipe tee
piping and pipeline equipment pipeline
other mechanical equipment piping expansion bellows
piping and pipeline equipment riser
piping and pipeline equipment spectacle blind
piping and pipeline equipment spool piece
other mechanical equipment steam trap
other mechanical equipment strainer
miscellaneous equipment tubing hanger
electrical equipment class earthing resistor
weight instrument test weight
marine anchor
other mechanical equipment arrestor
health, safety and environment equipment class fire extinguisher
health, safety and environment equipment class safety shower
other mechanical equipment silencer
other mechanical equipment aerator
compressor axial compressor
other mechanical equipment bearing
other mechanical equipment blower
other mechanical equipment brake
compressor centrifugal compressor
pump centrifugal pump
other mechanical equipment centrifuge
other mechanical equipment clutch
mechanical equipment class compressor
reciprocating compressor diaphragm compressor
reciprocating pump diaphragm pump
engine diesel engine
other mechanical equipment diffuser
mechanical equipment class driver
compressor dynamic compressor
other mechanical equipment extruder
other mechanical equipment fan
engine gas engine
turbine gas turbine
other mechanical equipment gear box
rotary pump gear pump
other mechanical equipment hood
vessel hydraulic cylinder
motor hydraulic motor
rotary compressor liquid ring compressor
other mechanical equipment lubrication system
mechanical equipment class mechanical seal
other mechanical equipment mixer
engine petrol engine
reciprocating compressor piston compressor
reciprocating pump piston pump
reciprocating pump plunger pump
motor pneumatic motor
damper pulsation damper
mechanical equipment class pump
compressor reciprocating compressor
compressor rotary compressor
rotary compressor screw compressor
rotary pump screw pump
piping and pipeline equipment spacer
turbine steam turbine
other mechanical equipment torque converter
driver turbo expander
rotary compressor vane compressor
rotary pump vane pump
tool yoke
conveyor belt conveyor
conveyor chain conveyor
mechanical equipment class conveyor
tool cutter
other mechanical equipment feeder
vehicle forklift truck
tool hydraulic press
conveyor roller conveyor
conveyor slat conveyor
other mechanical equipment beam
vessel coalescer
other mechanical equipment demister
other mechanical equipment electrostatic precipitator
other mechanical equipment filter
other mechanical equipment filter cartridge
tank and vessel gas cylinder
other mechanical equipment gas distributor
other mechanical equipment gutter
other mechanical equipment hatch way door
separator hydro cyclone
other mechanical equipment ladder
mechanical equipment class lifting device
lifting device lifting lug
piping and pipeline equipment pipe support
vessel process column
other mechanical equipment scraper
process column scrubber
tank and vessel settler
other mechanical equipment shell
other mechanical equipment slug catcher
other mechanical equipment stripper
mechanical equipment class tank
mechanical equipment class vessel
marine buoy
lifting device chain
lifting device crane
lifting device elevator
marine fender
infrastructure helideck
marine life boat
lifting device loading arm
lifting device rope
lifting device trolley
vehicle truck
mechanical equipment class vehicle
general instrument actuator
IT and telecom equipment automatic identification system
wall blast rated wall
piping and pipeline equipment buckle initiator
infrastructure bund wall
electrical equipment class bus duct
IT and telecom equipment compass
health, safety and environment equipment class defibrillator
piping and pipeline equipment diverter
electrical equipment class electrical reactor
electrical equipment class electrical switch
IT and telecom equipment emergency position indicating radio beacon
wall fire wall
lifting device lifting jack
switchgear and controlgear motor control centre
damper pressure relief damper
IT and telecom equipment radar
IT and telecom equipment radio beacon
electrical equipment class slip ring
mixer static mixer
marine thruster
infrastructure wall
pressure relief device vacuum relief valve
valve check valve
other mechanical equipment compensator
valve control valve
control valve deluge valve
instrument equipment detector
general instrument electronic circuit board
transmitter flow transmitter
miscellaneous equipment galley equipment
transmitter level transmitter
valve manual valve
damper non-return damper
miscellaneous equipment physical access control equipment
valve pressure relief device
transmitter pressure transmitter
nozzle process nozzle
infrastructure riser support
nozzle spray nozzle
IT and telecom equipment telecom gateway
IT and telecom equipment termination panel
equipment class valve
instrument equipment transmitter
instrument equipment flow totalizer
instrument equipment signal converter
instrument equipment orifice plate
instrument equipment detecting element
instrument equipment controller
equipment class drilling equipment
drilling equipment pipe doping machine
detecting element flow element
detecting element level element
detecting element pressure element
detecting element temperature element
instrument equipment gauge
instrument equipment control switch
control switch level switch
control switch position switch
subsea instrument equipment subsea distribution unit
drilling equipment iron roughneck
control valve solenoid valve
valve self operating valve
driver engine
driver motor
driver turbine
detector dust detector
gauge level gauge
detecting element multiphase meter
detector oil mist detector
control switch speed switch
vessel knock out drum
vessel separator
equipment class subsea equipment class
subsea equipment class subsea infrastructure
subsea equipment class subsea instrument equipment
subsea tool subsea intervention and installation tool
subsea equipment class subsea mechanical equipment
subsea infrastructure subsea structure
subsea equipment class subsea tool
subsea instrument equipment chemical injection unit
subsea instrument equipment flying lead
subsea structure jacket structure
subsea structure mid-water arch
subsea instrument equipment piping purge unit
subsea tool sample vessel
subsea intervention and installation tool subsea bore protector
subsea instrument equipment subsea distributed temperature sensing fiber optic pod
subsea mechanical equipment subsea flexible flowline
subsea intervention and installation tool subsea hanger recovery
subsea infrastructure subsea hang-off and pull assembly
subsea intervention and installation tool subsea installation workover control
subsea mechanical equipment subsea jumper
subsea structure subsea manifold support frame
subsea infrastructure subsea mudmat
subsea structure subsea pipeline crossing support
subsea structure subsea protection structure
subsea tool subsea remote operated tool
subsea tool subsea remotely operated vehicle
subsea instrument equipment subsea umbilical
subsea instrument equipment umbilical termination assembly
electrical equipment class electrical isolator
relay protection relay
switchgear and controlgear ring main unit
electrical equipment class automatic switching equipment
electrical equipment class surge protection
electrical equipment class capacitor
electrical equipment class electrical connector
electrical equipment class electrical distribution unit
subsea instrument equipment subsea control module
subsea structure subsea guide base
control valve motor operated valve
other mechanical equipment shear ram
electrical equipment class solar panel
general instrument calorimeter
general instrument frequency generator
general instrument siren
general instrument current transformer
general instrument voltage transformer
general instrument alarm unit
general instrument flow computer
general instrument sight glass
detecting element rotational speed element
transmitter corrosion transmitter
heat exchanger plate heat exchanger
heat exchanger printed circuit heat exchanger
heat exchanger shell and tube heat exchanger
heat exchanger kettle reboiler
vessel pneumatic cylinder
vessel process reactor
vessel hopper
process column absorber column
electrical connector adaptor connector
process column adsorber column
circuit-breaker air circuit-breaker
electric generator alternating current generator
electric motor alternating current motor
control valve ball control valve
manual valve ball valve
manual valve block and bleed valve
control valve butterfly control valve
manual valve butterfly valve
control valve choke control valve
manual valve choke valve
analysing instrument chromatograph
process column contactor column
relief valve conventional relief valve
mechanical equipment class cyclone separator
control valve diaphragm control valve
manual valve diaphragm valve
electric generator direct current generator
electric motor direct current motor
process column distillation column
manual valve double block and bleed valve
transformer dry transformer
control valve eccentric rotating disc control valve
manual valve eccentric rotating disc valve
piping purge unit electric piping purge unit
heat exchanger finned tube heat exchanger
riser flexible riser
instrument equipment flow meter
flying lead flying chemical lead
flying lead flying electrical lead
flying lead flying hydraulic lead
flying lead flying optical lead
chromatograph gas chromatograph
chromatograph gas liquid chromatograph
circuit-breaker gas-blast circuit-breaker
control valve gate control valve
manual valve gate valve
control valve globe control valve
manual valve globe valve
separator gravity separator
piping purge unit hydraulic piping purge unit
turbine hydraulic turbine
corrosion element linear polarization resistance element
rotary pump liquid ring pump
rotary pump lobe pump
general instrument manual switch
control valve multiple orifice on-off valve
control valve multiport on-off valve
manual valve multiport valve
control valve needle control valve
manual valve needle valve
transmitter nucleonic level transmitter
circuit-breaker oil circuit-breaker
corrosion element oxidation reduction potential element
relief valve pilot operated relief valve
check valve piston check valve
flow element pitot tube flow meter
control valve plug control valve
manual valve plug valve
relief valve pressure-vacuum relief valve
pump reciprocating pump
riser rigid riser
pump rotary pump
control valve slide control valve
manual valve slide valve
heat exchanger spiral heat exchanger
distillation column stabilizer column
distillation column stripper column
electrical connector submersible connector
subsea umbilical subsea dynamic umbilical
subsea umbilical subsea static umbilical
check valve swing check valve
circuit-breaker vacuum circuit-breaker
distillation column vacuum column
check valve wafer check valve
transformer wet transformer
IT and telecom equipment acoustic enclosure
marine barge
electrical equipment class constant volume regulator
lifting device davit
piping and pipeline equipment drain port
piping and pipeline equipment drain pot
health, safety and environment equipment class emergency grab bag
other mechanical equipment evaporator
other mechanical equipment expansion device
miscellaneous equipment fitness equipment
other mechanical equipment furnace
detector H2S detector
infrastructure lagoon
health, safety and environment equipment class life jacket
health, safety and environment equipment class line throwing appliance
marine marine vessel
IT and telecom equipment meteorological equipment
instrument equipment metering station
other mechanical equipment modulating damper
infrastructure outfall
lifting device pedestal
health, safety and environment equipment class protective suit
detector radiation detector
other mechanical equipment recuperator heat exchanger
vehicle road compactor
vehicle road sweeper
drilling equipment rotary table
health, safety and environment equipment class safety display plan
health, safety and environment equipment class safety sign
drilling equipment slips
health, safety and environment equipment class stretcher
health, safety and environment equipment class strobe light
subsea infrastructure subsea cable
instrument equipment system panel
drilling equipment top drive
vehicle tractor
piping and pipeline equipment turret
health, safety and environment equipment class twin agent skid
other mechanical equipment ventilator
health, safety and environment equipment class water mist skid
infrastructure window
infrastructure bridge bearing
electrical equipment class cable tray
piping and pipeline equipment casing
lifting device container
other mechanical equipment crusher
other mechanical equipment hydraulic power unit
general instrument interface card
piping and pipeline equipment lightning arrestor
detecting element meteorological sensor
piping and pipeline equipment pipe reducer
piping and pipeline equipment sample bomb
piping and pipeline equipment sample cooler
piping and pipeline equipment segment
IT and telecom equipment signal receiver
piping and pipeline equipment sleeve
subsea equipment class subsea power and communication unit
subsea equipment class subsea suction pile
piping and pipeline equipment tap
piping and pipeline equipment tree cap
electrical equipment class voltage regulator